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Six backyard activities to maximize your Halloween fun this year

Try something different this year to get the kids in the Halloween spirit.
October 18, 2021 10:01 a.m. EST

Halloween is usually all about trick-or-treating—dressing up in a cool costume with a bucket in hand and not returning home until it's full of bite-sized candy. But when Halloween falls on a weekend—and this year, October 31 is a Sunday—there's a lot of hours to fill before it's time to suit up. Designer Julia Black shares six Halloween-themed backyard activities to fill the time. Find her ideas below and watch the video clip above to see them in action. 

Scavenger hunt

Even if things are more back to "normal" where you are, you may still be looking for Halloween activities that are better for keeping your family and neighbors safe. Try this fun at-home Halloween candy scavenger hunt that is a great alternative to trick-or-treating. 

Pumpkin patch pop

Add wrapped candy to orange balloons and inflate. Scatter around the lawn and the kids pop them! 

Pin the spider on the spider web 

Draw a spider web with a chalk pen on a black canvas board. Add some sticky tac to the back of plastic spiders and the kids have to stick them onto the centre with a blind fold. 

Mummy sack race

Wrap kids' legs with white crepe paper and have them hop from start to finish without breaking the paper. 

Treat table 

It's not Halloween without the candy! Add some on display with some great decor for the kids. 

Selfie station and dance party 

Have the kids paint or colour their own Halloween sticks and have a fun dance party! 

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