Clean out your fridge's leftovers with these three recipes

Change up those leftovers and get inspired!
October 11, 2021 12:38 p.m. EST

It’s the end of another week and your fridge is full of odds and ends from a weeks worth of cooking. Leftovers can seem uninspiring, but Mary Berg gives them new life by showing how to use them as ingredients in brand new recipes with these three dishes. From risotto to quiche, get ready to put those leftovers to good use!

Cheesy arancini with risotto

Gooey, cheesy rice enclosed in golden crunchy crumb. Need we say more?


You'll put every other pastry dish to shame with this deliciously flakey pithivier.

Veggie drawer quiche

Garden fresh flavour is front and centre in this easy veggie quiche.