Brendan & Connor


Brendan McDougall

Age: 29

Occupation: Sales Representative

Current City: McDougall, Ont.

Hometown: McDougall, Ont.

Strengths: Confident, social, good with hands-on tasks

Fear/phobia: Dying alone

Pet peeve about your teammate: He smells

Instagram: @mcdougally


Connor McDougall

Age: 26

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Current City: McDougall, Ont.

Hometown: McDougall, Ont.

Strengths: Memorization, staying calm and composed, athletic

Fear/phobia: Snakes

Pet peeve about your teammate: His ability to tune out my voice and not answer me

Instagram: @connormcd14


More than just brothers, Brendan and Connor have been best friends since they were born. Growing up near Parry Sound, Ont., they lived the textbook small-town Canadian life – exploring the outdoors, playing hockey on the lake, and spending nights around the campfire. Kind, fun loving, and family-oriented, the brothers are the life of every party and are ready to channel that energy into this adventure of a lifetime on THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.


Older brother Brendan has always been an avid extreme sports enthusiast – the more adrenaline, the better. However, his sense of responsibility for his younger brother, Connor, and ensuring he gets every opportunity he deserves, is what motivates him to fully put his heart into any challenge that comes their way.


Despite being the younger brother who took the brunt of Brendan’s antics growing up, Connor is often the calm voice of reason in times of stress. A teacher at a local elementary school, Connor always knew he wanted a career inspiring the younger generation, and feels grateful he is able to do just that in the same town he grew up in.


Fueled by their unbreakable brotherly bond, Brendan and Connor are in the race to ultimately change their lives and put down roots in their hometown.




What would your team name be?

The McDougalls from McDougall.


What is your team motto?

Get in the pocket!


What is your good luck charm?

Our Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys.


What fruit or vegetable matches your personality and why?

Brendan: Banana – because I’m bananas.

Connor: Strawberry – you don’t have to peel back any layers to get to the real me. What you see is what you get, and I think people like me – and people like strawberries.


What past team do you most identify with and why?

Mickey and Pete (Season 2) because they’re just so laid back and love to have a good time.