Court & Ali


Siginaak (Blackbird) Court Larabee

Age: 39

Occupation: Executive Director, Sports academy for Indigenous youth

Current City: Whistler, B.C.

Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ont.

Strengths: Resilient, positive, community building

Fear/phobia: Not being a good role model for Indigenous youth

Pet peeve about your teammate: She sprints faster than me, and has nicer hair and a better smile

Instagram: @thebirdandabear


Ali (Bear) Clark

Age: 33

Occupation: Visual Artist / Coach, Sports academy for Indigenous youth

Current City: Whistler, B.C.

Hometown: Fernie, B.C.

Strengths: Adaptable, positive, hard worker

Fear/phobia: Getting trapped in an elevator

Pet peeve about your teammate: He’s too charming – and smarter than me

Instagram: @thebirdandabear


Though they’ve only been dating for a short time, this adventurous, competitive, and playful couple don’t see their new bond as a potential challenge.


Growing up just outside Thunder Bay, Ont., Court was removed from his family at a young age and only reconnected with his Indigenous family much later in life. Finally able to discover his true heritage, Court started a sports academy for Indigenous youth, providing opportunities to play, express themselves, and improve their mental and physical health.


Ali’s childhood in Fernie, B.C. was filled with outdoor activities and caring for animals on their family rescue farm. Although tough at times, she is thankful for growing up in a way that taught her to work hard and live off the land. She is an avid explorer and will jump at any chance to be in the mountains. Together, she and Court design and create custom beaded leather designs, such as hatbands and bracelets, that combine both of their heritages and passions.


Court and Ali are in the race to prove that they truly are soulmates, but they’re not just running it for themselves – they’re also racing for the Indigenous sports academy crew and Ali’s mom.




What is your team motto?

If you’re not falling, you’re not learning.


What motivated you to apply for The Amazing Race Canada?

Ali: I was asked to go on an “Amazing Date” – who could say no to this trip of a lifetime?!


Why did you choose your partner?

Court: She’s a Swiss Army Knife of skills – and an absolute babe! Our personalities are so different but we complement each other with balance and strength.


What is your good luck charm?

Court: A beaded pouch from my Anishinaabe grandmother.

Ali: A medicine bag made by Court and a bracelet from my mom.


If you and your teammate were a music duo, what would your name be?