Dennis & Durrell

Uncle & Nephew

Dennis Ashe

Age: 42

Occupation: Youth Development Teacher

Current City: Halifax

Hometown: Mulgrave, N.S.

Strengths:  Motivated, confident, trustworthy

Fear/phobia: Tight spaces – and rats

Pet peeve about your teammate: He’s perfect


Durrell Borden

Age: 33

Occupation: Law Student / Community Leader

Current City: Dartmouth, N.S.

Hometown: Dartmouth, N.S.

Strengths: Mindful, logical, willing

Fear/phobia: Rats

Pet peeve about your teammate: He focuses on what could happen, and not what is happening

Instagram: @durrellborden

Twitter: @durrellborden


Dennis remembers his nephew Durrell always wanting his attention at a young age, and Durrell says his uncle was a meaningful role model growing up. They admit things might get loud on the race, but say they balance each other out and that their strong communication will always pull them through.                                


Both leaders within their community, Dennis and Durrell are passionate about inspiring, mentoring, and being a positive influence for all communities, with emphasis on the Black communities in Nova Scotia and across Canada. Through his work, Dennis has seen many kids accomplish dreams they never thought were possible. For Durrell, being the representation he never saw growing up is significant in inspiring and creating safe spaces for others to enter. He wants the younger generation to know they can do anything they set their minds to, and that the most important thing is to continue trying.


Both uncle and nephew are also extremely active and competitive. Dennis grew up playing competitive basketball, and Durrell is well known in Nova Scotia for being one of the few Black surfers in the province.


Dennis and Durrell want to win the race for their community, their ancestors, the East Coast, and their huge extended family.




What would your team name be?

The Scotian Sweetie Boys.


What is your team motto?

Leave no crumbs.


What is your good luck charm?

Dennis: My wedding ring.

Durrell: The travel version of my wedding ring, because tantalum’s too cool to lose.


What fruit or vegetable matches your personality and why?

Dennis: An onion – I can make any dish better but done wrong will make you cry.

Durrell: Blueberries, because I’m sweet and tart.


What will you do with the prize money?

Dennis: A family trip with my wife and two kids to Disney World!

Durrell: Invest in local not-for-profits, travel, support family, and do some home renovations.