Jesse & Marika


Jesse Cockney

Age: 32

Occupation: Olympian / Student

Current City: Canmore, Alta.

Hometown: Yellowknife

Strengths: Optimistic, patient, physically fit

Fear/phobia: Eating gross things

Pet peeve about your teammate: How messy she is

Instagram: @jcockney

Twitter: @jcockney


Marika Cockney

Age: 29

Occupation: Actor / Performer / Content Creator

Current City: Canmore, Alta.

Hometown: Yellowknife

Strengths: Performance art, people skills, philosophy

Fear/phobia: I’m OCD

Pet peeve about your teammate: I can’t keep up with his cardio

Instagram: @marikasila

Twitter: @marikasila


Born in Yellowknife, and with their family originating from Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., brother and sister Jesse and Marika are extremely proud of their heritage. Competitive at heart, this sibling duo can’t wait to show Canada and their community what they are made of.


A two-time Olympian in cross-country skiing (2014 and 2018), Jesse found himself at a crossroads when the pandemic hit. Deciding to officially retire from the sport, he shifted his focus to pursuing his academic goals. He completed a kinesiology degree from the University of Calgary, and will be starting his Master of Management at U of C. Jesse still coaches, and is an inspiration to many up-and-coming skiers across Canada.


Marika, an actress, hoop dancer, content creator, and former national champion in cross-country skiing, is passionate when it comes to making her dreams a reality. Hoop dancing has taken her across the country and around the world; and she recently played a lead role in THE TWILIGHT ZONE. She is currently producing her first documentary aimed at elevating Indigenous voices around Canada’s current Indigenous affairs.


Older now and on different career paths, the race is an opportunity for these siblings to reconnect. Jesse and Marika want to represent the Inuit population of Canada while creating lasting memories, and giving their family and community something to cheer for!




What is your team motto?

Get’er done!


What is the reason you chose your partner?

Jesse: Marika is a badass that can’t be stopped! Her drive and determination have helped her achieve her goals and she’s got her sights set even higher still.

Marika: He’s my big brother – there’s no one I’d rather race this race with, and no one I’d rather win this race with!


What is your number one roadblock as a team?

Any memorization challenge.


What is your good luck charm?

The Labradorite heart stones that our mom gave us just before we left.


What will you do with the prize money?

Jesse: Buy a house!

Marika: Pay off my apartment, buy a travel trailer, and put money down on a piece of property.