Four easy recipes to make this summer when it's too hot to cook

Turn the heat down and the flavour up!
August 9, 2023 1:58 p.m. EST
August 9, 2023 1:58 p.m. EST

When it’s hot outside, the last thing anyone wants to do is turn on the oven. We get it, so we enlisted zero waste chef and Love Food Hate Waste Canada ambassador, Christine Tizzard to help us to keep our kitchens cool with easy, no-cook meal ideas. Scroll on to find easy and delicious recipes! 

Avocado Boats

A boat is a perfect vessel for a meal! Stuffed zucchini, peppers or even avocados create lifeboats for leftovers. A very different and more interesting way to serve a meal. In this recipe, avocados are simply stuffed with chopped leftover grilled shrimp and veggies, then drizzled with fresh turmeric aioli. If you love avocados, you can easily stuff them with almost any leftover chopped protein, grains, or mixed veggies and serve them with your favourite dressing or sauce for an instant dinner or snack. 


Bruised Tomato Crudo with Greens and Olives

A ceviche or crudo is light, refreshing, wonderful no-cook raw seafood meal. The difference between a crudo and a ceviche is that a crudo is finished with olive oil or a vinaigrette whereas a ceviche is marinated and in some cases “cooked” in a citrus-forward marinade. The citrus penetrates the raw seafood. The smashed tomato mixes with your favourite tasting olive oil and we use that as the vinaigrette. 

Panna cotta

Panna cotta makes not only a great dessert but can also be a breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. Panna cotta sounds fancy but you can make them in about 10 minutes. Traditionally an Italian sweetened flavored cream thickened with gelatine however they are very easy to make dairy-free as well. This is a Berry Panna Cotta made with a combination of coconut milk and almond milk. Very little sugar is involved in this recipe which makes it healthy enough for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack, topped with granola, fresh berries etc. 

Wrap it up fresh spring rolls

A great way to use up leftover BBQ proteins like shrimp or chicken, sliced tofu, crisp veggies and lettuces, and all you really need to make or buy is a great dipping sauce.