Six budget-friendly holiday desserts to sweeten the season

Get Christine Tizzard's thrifty baking tips to help you save time and money this holiday season!
November 24, 2023 11:24 a.m. EST
November 24, 2023 11:24 a.m. EST

We love baking during the holiday season, especially when we can share all our delicious creations with the ones we love. Zero waste chef Christine Tizzard shares six sweet treats to keep costs low and your crowd happy. 

Krispy peanut butter balls

This recipe is both deliciously easy to make and eat. It's great for using cereal and containers of peanut butter sitting around. 

Chocolate mashed potato cake

Mashed potatoes might seem counterintuitive to making a light and fluffy cake, but many chefs, including Martha Stewart, swear by the technique. Potatoes work so well to give cakes a good consistency and moisture because they are almost entirely made of starch and water.

Cherry bread pudding

Save all that stale bread in the freezer until you have enough to make this holiday bread pudding. 

Cranberry s'mores squares

Holiday up your s'mores game by adding tart and chewy cranberries. 

No-bake cookie clusters

You can customize this recipe with any mix-in you like! 

DIY Nanaimo bars baking kit 


Hang on to empty glass jars and other neat-looking containers as you move into the holidays for gifting treats like this homemade baking kit with your favourite recipe attached.