Three Holi-inspired recipes to spice up your festivities

Find out how food is at the heart of these celebrations!
March 7, 2023 1:10 p.m. EST
March 7, 2023 1:10 p.m. EST

This week, the Indian diaspora in Canada and across the world will be celebrating Holi – the vibrant Hindu festival of colours. Food expert, Anjali Pathak sheds some light on how this festival is celebrated and shares three delicious recipes to help us get inspired. 

Tandoori prawns

Tender prawns marinated in yogurt, ginger paste, and paprika. 

Butter chicken naan’za

Add a spoonful of Mango Chutney as a base on the naan bread. It'll take this recipe to a whole new level!

Bombay patties

Make your own patties at home using ground chicken, mild curry paste, and fresh green peas. 


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