We recreated three of BTS' favourite delectable Korean dishes for you to make at home

Sang Kim is making our dreams come true by bringing BTS and Korean food together to make magic!
August 17, 2023 2:11 p.m. EST
August 17, 2023 2:11 p.m. EST

Korean culture has become ever-so-popular in the last few years, thanks to the rise of K-Pop stars and bands like BLACKPINK, NewJeans, and BTS. Korean food is at the heart of the culture, and just like BTS, each traditional dish is unique. Chef Sang Kim shares three recipes inspired by BTS' favourite foods you can make with your fellow ARMY friends. 

Kimchi chigae (kimchi stew)

Korea is first-and-foremostly, a chigae (or stew) culture. This traditional stew is made with pork belly, aged kimchi, tofu and vegetables in a bowl and brought to a boil.

Jjimdak (Korean braised chicken)

A traditional hot pot that is meant to be shared! This sweet and savoury Korean dish is made with slow-cooked chicken, fresh veggies and glass noodles. 

Subak hwachae (Korean watermelon punch) 

This watermelon punch is a light and refreshing Korean variation that will quench your thirst on those hot summer days.