How to plan a fun and romantic date night at home

These ideas are perfect for couples looking for fresh, casual (and affordable!) date inspiration that can take place in the comfort of their own house.
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July 12, 2023 2:29 p.m. EST
July 12, 2023 2:29 p.m. EST

We all love a good date night out, but sometimes time, money, energy or childcare challenges can make it difficult for couples to connect. Style expert, Erica Wark shares easy tips on how to create an intimate date night at home. Watch the video to find out what to consider when organizing the perfect night-in and shop her go-to M&M Food Market picks that make things even easier below. 

Date Night Food

Add some fun and ease to your next date night with delicious appetizers for dinner. Plus, the beauty of buying a bunch of apps from M+M Food Market is that you can enjoy an assortment of flavours and cuisines – unlike takeout or delivery where you’re stuck with one type of food.  They’ve got so many options, but some of our faves include Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Shooters, Lobster Mac and Cheese Bites, Chicken and Pineapple Mini Skewers, Shrimp and Lemongrass Wontons and a Thai Party Pack! And you know, this is date night so you may want to spice things up a bit while you’re eating so here are a couple of fun suggestions for you! You know those restaurants where everyone eats in total darkness?!  You could try that at home if you’re looking for a little adventure. Or what about doing a blind taste test with your partner to see if they can guess what they’re eating?

SHOP: Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Shooters; $17.99 at M&M Food Market | Lobster Mac and Cheese Bites; $11.99 at M&M Food Market | Chicken and Pineapple Mini Skewers; $17.99 at M&M Food Market | Shrimp and Lemongrass Wontons; $5.99 at M&M Food Market | Thai Party Pack; $14.99 at M&M Food Market | Taco Bites; $10.99 at M&M Food Market | Spicy Maple and Chipotle Chicken Wings; $22.99 at M&M Food Market

Date Night Ideas

Obviously, there are the classics like a movie night or binge-watching your favourite show, but we love the idea of reminiscing over old wedding or trip videos on your phone and screen sharing with your TV! Or if you got a projector during the pandemic, dust it off and watch a movie outside while you’re all cozy on a blanket together. Have a television in the bedroom? You can do a “hotel night” and pretend you’re away somewhere. Put on some robes, set up some TV trays and “order room service” AKA feast on your M+M Food Market apps while watching a movie in bed! There’s also the classic camp game “Would You Rather?” where you can ask your date to choose between two ridiculous or outlandish options and see what they pick. This is great to play anywhere because all you need is your imagination and a sense of humour. And speaking of fun and funny, what about doing a DIY karaoke night and singing your hearts out together to all your favourite songs? You can look up karaoke versions of songs on YouTube – and if you want to be really fancy, plan ahead and buy a cheap wireless mic to feel extra profesh.  Or if you and your date are artistic, or you’re just up for a little adventure, how about planning a paint night at home?  Buy some cheap canvases and paints, and follow a painting tutorial on YouTube  

 Date Night Fashion

When it comes to date night at home, it's the perfect time to get into your coziest outfit, get under a blanket and cuddle up together. If you feel weird wearing sweats, a maxi dress is a great option for this time of year.