How to throw an unforgettable YOLO-inspired celebrations

Shealyn Angus shares ideas that everyone will love!
July 25, 2023 12:59 p.m. EST
July 25, 2023 12:59 p.m. EST

When it comes to entertaining, there are always fun new trends to follow. This year, it’s all about YOLO celebrations because you only live once. Coming out of the pandemic years, people are going big with their milestones. Wedding and event planner, Shealyn Angus shares ideas for throwing a party you’ll never forget. 

Birthday Party Theme 

50 years ago, we were deep in the disco era so why not bring it back for a nostalgic birthday party theme for a 50th birthday? Think disco balls, nostalgic candy, and roller rink parties. Take the theme to the literal extreme with used classic roller skates as your centrepiece and fill them with fun-coloured blooms. We want to make a birthday party as personalized as possible too, so create “fun fact” drink tags that can go on every guest’s cocktail, with a fact about the birthday girl/boy.  

What better way to commemorate a milestone than to have an artist sketching memories from your celebration live on-site? Hire a sketch artist to create a special take-home gift for each guest. Add an element of surprise by popping gift boxes to embrace the “YOLO” style. And of course, no birthday is complete without a super cool cake! Turn the traditional round cake on its head with a square shape with extra tall candles to give you that ‘why not’ vibe. 

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Anniversary Theme 

50 years is the golden year, so a special anniversary theme could be everything gold. Think gold linen, gorgeous place settings, and more gold décor. Set up a cheeky little dinner party to celebrate with functional yet fun-worded menus to give your guests a little chuckle. For dessert, go for something luxe and fun like cake-sicles. These cake pop-like desserts are the perfect little handheld treat for before or after dinner. For this anniversary, try a nostalgic throwback dessert from the couple’s wedding day with a chocolate strawberry tower instead of a cake. 

Something interactive you can do with your guests at a party is have a little cocktail-shaking lesson. Try this golden-inspired concoction with gold tequila, pineapple juice and orange liquor to spice things up. Plus, the edible photo trend could work really well with this theme. Take wafer paper printed photos and use them for cupcake toppers or even toppers for your cocktails. 

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