Low-waste beauty products for body, hair and skin

Beauty expert Michelle Bilodeau shares green options to add to your self-care routine.
January 13, 2022 3:02 p.m. EST

A new year is a great time to create new habits, including ones that make less of an impact on the planet. While it's no secret that there are many beauty products out there that can have negative impacts on the environment, there are many brands making sustainable, eco-friendly moves. Green beauty expert Michelle Bilodeau highlighted some of the best clean, low-waste products to incorporate into your regimen. Small changes today can make a big difference in the end!

Check out Michelle's picks below, and watch the video above for more expert beauty tips.

We thoroughly research all the products we feature, and we honestly think they’re great. But just so you know, things you buy from links on this page may earn us a commission.

1. Everist waterless body wash

Canadian brand Everist has created the first every waterless body wash. Most body washes are made up of more than 70% water, and come in single-use plastic. This formula is completely plant-based and activated by water in the shower. It’s made with aloe vera, and vegetable glycerin, as well as a refreshing blend of five essential oils: bergamot, orange, rosemary, clary sage and peppermint. Simply use the key to dispense a pea-sized amount to hands or a loofah or konjac sponge, and work into skin for at least 30 seconds. There are more than 30 washes per tube. 

SHOP: Waterless Body Wash; $28 at Everist


2. Ethique orange and vanilla solid body butter

One stick of this body butter from Ethique is the equivalent to two bottles of lotion! Easy to use and perfect for travel, this buttery stick contains hydrating ingredients such as cocoa butter, babassu oil and smells divine thanks to vanilla and sweet orange essential oil. Best to use right after the shower, this can be applied to all body parts, including elbow, knees, hands, legs, arms and your torso. 

SHOP: Orange and vanilla solid body butter; $18 at Ethique.


3. Birch babe natural deodorant

Made without baking soda, this certified all-natural deodorant from Canadian company Birch Babe is perfect for sensitive skin. Kaolin clay helps the deodorant go on smooth and creamy while coconut oil reduces inflammation and keeps skin moisturized. There are three scented options and one fragrance-free, all in cardboard, plastic-free packaging. 

SHOP: Natural deodorant; $18 at Birch Babe.


4. MIFA Vitamin sea essence

This essence from Canadian brand MIFA is chock-full of beneficial skin ingredients. It contains a natural vitamin C complex of hibiscus and broccoli extract to help promote collagen production. Not only is this great for skin, it comes in a glass bottle with an aluminum cap. Plus, the entire product range comes in paper packaging. 

SHOP: Vitamin Sea Essence; $58 at MIFA.


5. Youth to the People superberry dream cleansing balm

This cleansing balm by Youth to the People comes in a simple recyclable glass jar with a tin lid. It’s packed with hydrating oils, including moringa, jojoba and sunflower seed oils, which are all nutrient-rich omegas that help dissolve makeup, sunscreen and dirt. The balm is full of superberry antioxidants, like goji and acai berries to help neutralize daily stressors and contains an oil-soluble hyaluronic acid blend to help hydrate the skin.

SHOP: Superberry cleansing balm; $45 at Sephora.


6. Garnier micellar cleansing eco pads

These reusable makeup-removing pads from Garnier are good for up to 1,000 uses. Best used with micellar water, they’re ideal for removing eye makeup, lipstick and more. To clean, rinse with soap and water after each use and throw into the laundry once a week for a deep clean. 

SHOP: Micellar cleansing eco pads; $8 at Garnier.


7. Proudest Pony shampoo bar

This is a shampoo bar from Proudest Pony, created by a local Toronto salon owner. They offer a range of bars and conditioners housed in cardboard packaging, which significantly cuts down on plastic waste. Each bar is vegan and contains plant-derived keratin to help strengthen and restore strands and prevent breakage. Free of SLS, they’re safe to use on chemically and colour treated hair. Simply lather up the bar and apply suds to hair, work in, and repeat if necessary. 

SHOP: Shampoo bar; $28 at Proudest Pony.


8. Torreh magic drop hair oil

This non-greasy multitasking hair oil from Canadian brand Torreh contains eight hydrating oils like jojoba, almond and sandalwood and can be used in a few ways: You can apply three to four drops to ends directly after shampooing and conditioning, or after heat styling to help amp up shine and hydration. This oil will help smooth out frizz and split ends and strengthen hair over time. Bonus: The brand has a recycling program and will send you a label to ship the packaging back. For every five empty bottles returned, you’ll get a 30 mL bottle of Magic Drop for free!

SHOP: Magic drop hair oil; $35 at Torreh.