Pet furniture ideas that will fit seamlessly in any space in your home

Our furry friends deserve the best and that includes their furniture.
May 19, 2022 2:24 p.m. EST
May 19, 2022 2:24 p.m. EST

When it comes to redesigning or redecorating your home, have you ever done so with your furry friends in mind? Well, it turns out, ‘Barkitecture’ or pet-friendly design is where it’s at. Luxury dog rooms and cat house designs are trending all over Pinterest, and it’s all about creating a fabulous space for our pets that also compliments our home. Style expert Meredith Shaw shares some incredibly stylish essentials that not only your pets will love, but you will too.

Le Dog Beds and Blankets

Every dog needs a bed, but not all of them are stylish. Le Dog is a British Columbia-based company that offers orthopedic leather dog beds that are designed to be durable, easy to clean and look great in your home. The leather cover and gel memory foam mattress will keep your dog cool, comfortable and happy. You’ll never have to put your dog bed cover in the washing machine again.

Keep your dog cozy with Le Dog blankets. Made from wool and polyester blend fabric, machine washes in cold water and lay flat to dry.

SHOP: Leather Dog Bed in Black; $329 at Le Dog | Leather Dog Bed in Python Print; $329 at Le Dog | Blanket; $65 at Le Dog

Casper Dog Bed

Another sleek and minimal design, this dog bed combines pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support foam for a universally comfortable sleep experience. The surface features material on top to mimic the sensation of pawing at loose earth, so you can doggy can dig in. The durable cover is easy to remove and machine washable.

SHOP: Casper Dog Bed; $199 at Indigo

Cat Beds

Cats need a place to snuggle up, too. We love this super comfortable stylish hammock option from Teddybob. It’s breathable and durable, plus the hair won’t adhere to it.

Keep your space stylish with this cute cylinder pet bed by Esty includes a soft pillow. Your kitty will be nap-trapped in this one!

SHOP: pidan Pet Hammock Bed; $69.99 at TeddyBob | Nap Trap Cylinder Pet Bed; $80 at Etsy

Doggy Bathroom

You know what’s not cute when you bring a new puppy into your home? Pee pads! But the Doggy Bathroom is the smart solution to this problem. It’s the only dog litter box for toy breeds. The easy-to-clean system lets you spend more time with your dog than cleaning up after them. Custom pee pads are included, which are specifically designed for vertical absorption and odour masking. The sleek design is sure to blend into any home. The base can also be used on its own. Simply lay a pee pad down on the floor of the base and it’s ready to be used.

SHOP: Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit; $199 at Doggy Bathroom

Litter Enclosures

This award-winning igloo cat litter box is designed with cat and owner’s needs in mind. The low light breathable design gives cat privacy while reducing the amount of litter that escapes the box, keeping your home clean and tidy.

You can also find litter box enclosures that look like furniture! This one from Amazon is multi-functional, and stylish and makes for a great pet house, nightstand or side table.

SHOP: pidan “Igloo” Cat Litter Box including Litter Scoop; $139.99 at TeddyBob | PawHut Cat Litter Box Enclosure Washroom Cave House; $159.99 at Amazon

Dog Bowls

A uniquely designed dog bowl can add a modern touch to your kitchen. These handmade wood with stainless steel bowls are a great option. Or go more neutral with a ceramic dog bowl and matching placemat for a more simplistic design, plus it’s built to stay in place.

SHOP: Dog Dish Holder; $78.50 at Etsy | Top Paw Tan & Grey Striped Ceramic Dog Bowl; $11.99 at Pet Smart | Top Paw Taupe Natural Seaweed Pet Feeding Placement; $6.77 at Pet Smart

Dog Camera


From the main course to treats, Furbo is a fun and stylish way to check in on your dog and give them a treat while you’re away. Complete with a 1080p full HD camera and night vision, Furbo also sends notifications to your smartphone when it detects barking so you can know what’s going on at home and can talk to calm them down via the app.

SHOP: Furbo Dog Camera; $299 at Amazon

Cat Bowls

Add a pop of colour with this ceramic pink marble cat bowl. It includes a non-skid bottom to keep it in place on your floor and help avoid potential spills. Or elevate your bowls with this wood double diner bowl.

SHOP: Whisker City Marble Non-Skidi Ceramic Cat Bowl; $11.99 at Pet Smart | Whisker City Black & Gold Silicone Mat Double Diner Cat Bowl; $31.99 at Pet Smart | Top Paw Marble Plastic Pet Feeding Placement; $7.99 at Pet Smart

Cat Tree

Not only will your cats have plenty of space to lounge, scratch, play and sleep with this tree, but it will also look amazing in your home. It’s equipped with soft mattresses so all your cats and kittens can sleep comfortably and undisturbed. Made with durable wood, this cat-climbing tower is extra durable and sturdy, and the design prevents it from slipping and falling.

SHOP: Cat Tree Tower; $146.41 at Etsy

Cat Scratches


Save your own furniture, this cat scratcher cube is thick, reversible and durable. Not just a scratcher, it also is a great place for your cat to lounge as well.

Go for a unique shape with this oval scratcher, made with high-density corrugated cardboard. The concave design makes it the perfect lounge spot for your kitty.

If your cat is very particular, this scratcher from Teddybob comes in a set of three, so you can rearrange the pieces to suit your cat.

For something a bit more substantial, this handmade cedar scratch post from Esty is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Cedar is softwood, so your cat will be sinking its claws into this instead of your door frames and furniture, and once your cat has done a number on this post, it can be re-sanded again and again to make it look brand new.

SHOP: Basics Cat Scratcher Cube Scratching Post; $36.01 at Amazon | Saf Cat Scratcher Cardboard Oval Shape Scratch Pad; $40.84 at Amazon | pidan Cat Scratcher 3-in-1; $49.99 at TeddyBob | 30” Tall Cedar Scratch Post; $44.99 at Etsy

Pet Portraits

West & Willow pet portraits are the perfect minimalist art to start your gallery wall, design a statement shelf or as a gift for your pet-loving friends and family. These portraits are hand-illustrated by digital artists on gallery-quality paper. Ready to hang components come pre-attached to the hardwood frame.

SHOP: Custom One Pet Portrait; $85 at West & Willow



Le Dog’s signature candle, Puppy Breath, is just like cuddling a squishy puppy. Comforting, grounding and just a little bit sweet, this candle features scents like orange, lemon, lavender, moss and amber. It’s hand-poured in Canada and eco-friendly.

SHOP: Signature Candle; $34 at Le Dog



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