Seven products to refresh your beauty routine this season

Bahar Niramwalla shares must-have products to keep your skin happy and healthy.
September 7, 2023 1:52 p.m. EST
September 7, 2023 1:52 p.m. EST

With colder weather right around the corner, it reminds us that taking extra care of your skin during the fall months is crucial to staying hydrated and glowing. Beauty expert, Bahar Niramwalla shares some of her favourite products you should include in your fall beauty refresh. Whether you’re looking for a richer moisturizer or want to keep your hair protected from the unpredictable weather, shop the products below to keep your beauty routine in check. 

The Body Shop Sheer Touch Lip + Cheek Tint 

Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product? We love this Sheer Touch + Cheek Tint from The Body Shop because its buildable 12-hour formula keeps you hydrated all day. 

SHOP: Sheer Touch + Lip Tint; $16 at The Body Shop

Rebel + Beauty Eyebrow Pencil 

Our brows are one of the most noticeable face-framing features we have and often one of the facial characteristics people notice at first glance, so giving them a little bit of love can go a long way. Upgrade your brow game this fall with this eyebrow pencil from Toronto-based brand Rebel + Beauty. Its waterproof and glide-friendly formula will become a staple in your routine. 

SHOP: Eyebrow Pencil; $25 at Rebel + Beauty

Maybelline The Falsies Surreal Extensions Washable Mascara Eye Makeup 

TIP: You should change your mascara every three months, so the start of a new season is an opportunity to swap in a fresh one. This Maybelline mascara extends your lashes and adds volume at the same time. 

SHOP: The Falsies Surreal Extensions Washable Mascara; $17.99 at Maybelline

Vinylux Nail Polish 

We love dark and moody shades for fall, like chocolate browns, deep reds and rusty oranges. CND Vinylux is always our go-to because of its endless shade range and week-long wear. Their polishes give you a brilliant shine and are easy to remove. 

SHOP: Willow Talk; $13.95 at CND Vinylux | Fedora; $13.95 at CND Vinylux | Dark Lava; $13.95 at CND Vinylux | Gilded Sage; $10.99 at CND Vinylux 

Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin-Renewing Water Cream 

With the cooler, drier air in the fall, it’s time to swap out your lighter summer cream for a thicker one. The fall is also a great time to up your skincare regime with a cell-turnover antioxidant like retinol. This water cream is a gentle way to introduce retinol in your routine. It delivers next-level action without the typical irritation. Potent yet gentle, this product leaves skin feeling nourished and revitalized. It even reduces fine lines and visible pores to leave skin feeling firmer. 

SHOP: Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin-Renewing Water Cream; $92 at Elizabeth Arden

State of Change Fragrance

Why not step into autumn with a new scent? Canadian brand State of Change focuses on long-wear, luxury fragrances that are clean and safe for the planet. All of their products are plastic-free, glass-free and fully recyclable or refillable. Their ingredients are toxicity tested, so there’s no damage done to the environment. Our favourite three scents for fall include Joy, Grace and Escape. Joy has notes of pineapple and peach, Grace has notes of watermelon and peach, and Escape smells like grapefruit, cardamom, and cinnamon. These solid fragrances nourish and melt into the skin. Wear them solo, or layer them to create your scent. 

SHOP: Fragrances; available at State of Change

Marc Anthony Repair Bond + Rescuplex Defrizzing Smoothing Cream

This smoothing cream will give you hydrated and nourished locks after a summer of sun damage, heat styling, and pool parties. 

SHOP: Marc Anthony Repair Bond + Rescuplex Defrizzing Smoothing Cream; $11.97 at Walmart