Celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ with this mouth-watering feast

Food expert Jason Skrobar prepares an outstanding festive dinner, and chef Raquel Fox knocks our flip-flops off with two deliciously merry desserts!
Published July 23, 2021 9:18 a.m. EST

Are you feeling festive? That's probably because 'Christmas in July' is here, and we can't wait to mark the occasion. Grab your sandals and sunscreen - it's Christmas time!

There's no better way to celebrate than with some mouth-watering food, and today, two incredible food experts shared some recipes you're going to want to try. Food expert Jason Skrobar whipped up an incredible dinner, and chef Raquel Fox prepared festive desserts that definitely deserve a spot on your Instagram feed.

Without further ado, find the recipes below by clicking on the images, and watch the videos for expert cooking tips!

Garlic fried shrimp and avocado salad


Turkey burgers with onion and cranberry chutney



[video_embed id='2247348']Get festive this summer with these delicious desserts[/video_embed]

Rudolph eggnog ice cream bars


Snowman coconut rum cake