Add nutrients to your day with these healthy recipes

Registered dietitian Shahzadi Devje shares easy meals to enjoy in the new year.
January 10, 2022 9:42 a.m. EST

Regardless of what kind of lifestyle you have, adding more nutrients to your diet is always a great idea. With the new year finally here, it's the perfect time to try including some healthy meals in your weekly menu - and registered dietitian Shahzadi Devje is here to help. She shared three meals that even the busiest bee can enjoy this year, and are sure to help boost your daily nourishment.

Check out the recipes below!

Soft baked oatmeal squares

Soft baked oatmeal squares are a great breakfast on the go. They're easy to make and baked in 30 minutes. This recipe is packed full of nourishing ingredients like old fashioned oats and blueberries, and it's sweetened with banana, maple syrup and apple sauce. These cereal oatmeal squares are vegetarian, gluten free and high in fibre.


Homemade protein shake (no protein powder)

This homemade protein shake is a great plant-powered option if you want to save money or avoid unhealthy additives found in store-bought protein powders. It's made with whole foods, is dairy-free (100 percent vegan!) and provides 27 grams of protein per serving.


Egg curry recipe with turnips

Rip your roti and soak this all up. An easy desilicious egg curry recipe with some major cool weather vibes. Turnips cooked in a thick tomatoey-yogurt base, infused with fresh herbs, curry powder, and made complete with delicious eggs. A perfect balance of spice, lusciousness and flavour - in every bite. It doesn’t get more comforting than this.