Three kid-friendly Easter snacks

Simply tasty recipes that are perfect for Easter or any special occasion.
March 6, 2023 11:54 a.m. EST
March 6, 2023 11:54 a.m. EST

Make Easter weekend a breeze with make-ahead snacks for the kids (and adults alike) to enjoy! Cake & Loaf Bakery co-founder, Nickey Miller shares three decadent snacks to prep for a snack emergency on the long weekend. 

Cheesy fish crackers

 The dough comes together easily, and you get to play with shapes and designs.

The cream egg brownies

This rich dessert involves a fudge brownie stuffed with a mini Cadbury creme egg, followed by two layers of whipped white chocolate ganache and topped with creamy milk chocolate. 

Mini egg chocolate chunk cookies

There’s just something about the creamy milk chocolate and crunchy candy shell of mini eggs melted into the cookie that speaks to the child in all of us. The sprinkles add a splash of colour and crunch to the exterior. 


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