Cozy Caribbean meals with a healthy twist

Executive chef Lonie Murdock shares four decadent dinners made healthier without sacrificing any flavour!
March 9, 2021 1:54 p.m. EST

Chances are, when you think of Caribbean cuisine, large, indulgent meals come to mind. And while that's definitely not a bad thing (we love our food!), there's never a wrong time to eat a bit healthier - and that's exactly what we're doing today! Executive chef Lonie Murdock shared some hearty Caribbean dinners, but with a healthy twist - so you can enjoy them guilt free. Roasted jerk chicken, a flavourful chickpea curry, fish fritters and more await your hungry bellies.

Check out chef Murdock's recipes below, and don't forget to watch the video above for some expert cooking advice and demos!

Salt fish fritters


Typically made with salted cod fish which has a whopping 9940 mg of sodium per 114 grams salt fish and deep fried, Lonie has cleaned them up by using fresh cod, gluten free flour and avocado oil in the air fryer. 


Curry chana (chickpeas)


With very little clean up, this delicious chickpea meal is bursting with flavour!


Air fryer or oven-baked jerk chicken thighs


Modified to be healther, these jerk chicken thighs don't stop delivering all that delicious flavour!


Quick and easy cauliflower rice and peas


This dish is sometimes made with pigeon peas, which is where the “peas” in the name comes from. Depending on where you are from, the rice or the peas will come first when speaking of the dish. Jamaicans typically call it “rice and peas” and will use kidney beans and white rice and sometimes contains salt pork or beef. 


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