Delicious appetizers and desserts to serve at your Orthodox Christmas feast

All classic recipes perfect for your holiday celebrations.
January 7, 2022 10:08 a.m. EST

For those celebrating Orthodox Christmas, the holiday will mean a delicious feast like no other! Of course, no meal is complete without some incredible appetizers and delicious desserts, so today, author and nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos shared some mouth-watering recipes to include in your festive celebrations.

Check them out below by clicking on the images!

Melomakarona cookies

A tasty treat to enjoty on Orthodox Christmas, this classic dessert is enjoyed all over Greece for the holidays. Prepare for a blast of delightful orange flavour with each bite, along with spices like cloves amd cinnamon.



Cooked to flaky perfection, this classic recipe is the great appetizer to serve with your holiday feast. Filled with spinach, feta, ricotta and parlsey, it's comfort food to the max.


Roasted red pepper and feta dip

Served with fresh pita bread, this roasted red pepper and feta dip is a quick holiday snack to whip up to feed a hungry crowd.