Evelyn Chick shares three cocktails that celebrate her childhood growing up in Hong Kong

Cheers to the Year of the Dragon!
February 5, 2024 11:35 a.m. EST
February 5, 2024 11:35 a.m. EST

Lunar New Year is a time for friends and families to gather and feast on dishes that symbolize good luck and fortune for the coming year. Cocktail expert Evelyn Chick helps us celebrate this wonderful time of year with three deliciously easy cocktails that celebrate her traditions as a child growing up in Hong Kong. 

Black Cat Alley Cocktail

Black Cat Alley is a perfect little sipper commemorating local Hong Kong street food stall ingredients like toasted, smoky, sugared chestnuts and ginger custards. 

Shanghai Tea Party Cocktail

Gok fa cha, or chrysanthemum tea, is sweetened with rock sugar, and this floral punch is made with memories of gok fa cha. Tie guan yin (a style of Chinese tea with notes of creamy, fruity, and vegetal qualities) along with gin, vermouth, Scotch, and lemon—not to mention chrysanthemum—this punch will make your inner child happy!

Dr. Somebody Cocktail


Tong sui is a delicate, sweet, and floral Chinese dessert made with snow fungus, red dates, goji berries, and rock sugar (occasionally, there may also be a pear).