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Monkey's paw cocktail

Monkey’s Paw is a famous story by W W Jacobs (also an awesome vintage book store in Toronto). This cocktail is bitter-sweet and topped with gold dust. 



Beeswax and Chamomile Washed Whiskey

  • 13 g loose leaf chamomile
  • 1 bottle dark whiskey
  • Beeswax

Monkey's Paw Cocktail

  • 1.5 oz beeswax and chamomile washed dark whiskey
  • 0.5 oz Campari
  • 0.5 oz honey syrup (3 parts honey to 1 part water)
  • 0.5 oz lemon juice
  • 2 dash angostura bitters
  • 2 dash orange bitters


Beeswax and Chamomile Washed Whiskey

1. Coat the walls of your sealable vessel (e.g. cambro) with beeswax.

2. Add the loose-leaf chamomile and whiskey to the beeswax-line camber.

3. Seal and let sit for five days.

4. Strain into the bottle.

Monkey's Paw Cocktail 

1. Combine whiskey, Campari, honey syrup, lemon juice, angostura bitters, and orange bitters in a shaker tin. Add ice.

2. Hard shake for 10 to 15 seconds until well chilled. Strain into a goblet.

3.  Top with edible gold dust. Enjoy! 

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