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Easy coconut strawberry mousse


  • 1 cup strawberries frozen, heaping cup, defrosted
  • 1/2 cup aquafaba
  • 1 cup coconut cream thick, use the cream part and not the water
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup


  1. Defrost the frozen strawberries in the microwave. 
  2. Whisk the aquafaba (liquid leftover from cooked chickpeas) in an electric mixer. For ease, I obtain the aquafaba from a can of unsalted chickpeas. Whisk the aquafaba for five to six minutes to achieve a medium-stiff peak. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and set aside. 
  3. Wipe your mixer clean and whisk the coconut cream for three to four minutes. Add this to the whipped aquafaba, but don't mix.
  4. Puree the strawberries with maple syrup in a blender.
  5. Fold the strawberry puree into the whipped aquafaba and coconut cream. Be gentle and take your time to ensure everything is combined well. This gentle folding is what will give your strawberry mousse that delicate and fluffy consistency.
  6. Transfer into small or medium bowls and refrigerate for at least one hour - ideally three hours.


  1. **Aquafaba is a relatively new trend. There is limited information regarding its nutritional composition.
  2. Don't overdo it in the microwave. The thawed strawberries should look bright—otherwise, they will lose their shape and become too wet. If the strawberries are too frozen, you can microwave for another 10-15 seconds.
  3. Choose thick coconut cream - not coconut milk; or else, your coconut strawberry mousse will be too runny and not have the right consistency.
  4. Use an electric mixer to whip the aquafaba and coconut. Doing this by hand will take too long.
  5. Be patient when you whisk the aquafaba. You want to achieve a stiff peak for that perfect strawberry mousse softness.
  6. For best results, I'd recommend refrigerating the mousse for at least three hours.
  7. Just before serving, garnish with strawberries, a sprig of mint and coconut shavings.

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