Lindt Chocolate bombs

By Irene Matys
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  • 680 g Lindt Chocolate Chopped (70% or Milk Holiday Chocolates or Lindor Season Flavours)
  • 6 tablespoons hot chocolate powder
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Candy canes as stir sticks (optional)


  1. To melt chocolate, bring a medium pot filled a little less than halfway with water to a simmer. Place a heatproof bowl that's just big enough to sit on top of the pot and add the chopped Lindt chocolate to the bowl. Keep the pot over low heat and stir the chocolate with a rubber spatula until silky smooth. Pro tip: After removing your bowl from the double boiler, take a towel and wipe the bottom dry so that no water gets into your bowl. Water is chocolate's worst enemy and will cause it to seize.
  2. Wipe the inside clean of a 2 1/2 ‘ silicon sphere mold. Using the back of a teaspoon or a brush, line a thin layer of chocolate into the molds. Place in refrigerator for five minutes to set. Repeat with another thin layer. Let stand until chocolate has hardened. Gently remove spheres from mold. Fill one half of spheres with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. Dip the other sphere’s rim in some melted chocolate and seal the two spheres together to make the closed bomb. Let stand until chocolate is set.
  3. Place in a large mug and pour hot milk to melt the bomb. Stir and enjoy. 
  4. Can be wrapped in food safe cellophane and stored in a cool spot for up to a week.

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