Smoked Manhattan

By Josh Lindley
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  • 59 milliliters whisky
  • 30 milliliters Vermouth
  • 2 dashes bitters


  1. First, make a bottle of a Manhattan: two parts whisky, one part sweet vermouth and two dashes of bitters. (Tip: The easiest way to remember the recipe for a Manhattan is that it’s also a New York area code: 212) Measure out twice the whisky as you have vermouth. Make sure that you add about 1/5 the total amount of water so that the drink is previously diluted. As for the bitters start by thinking that each drink is 90 milliliters so depending on the size of your container do the math for how many dashes of bitters you need.
  2. Safety first – so if you’re going to do this by a real fire, make sure you or whoever you’re with are totally comfortable with fire and know to keep alcohol away from open flames.
  3. Once you are sitting around your fireplace or campfire, carefully pull a smoldering piece of wood out of the fire and cover it with the glass you’re going to drink from. (Tip: Make sure it’s glass because you don’t want to melt it or have it get too hot!)
  4. Once the flame from your little piece of wood has extinguished carefully pick up the glass, fill it with ice and pour some of your pre-made Manhattan into that glass.
  5. If you don’t want to do it in the fire, you can use a handy brûlée torch and a little piece of maple. Using the same method, once the board starts smoking, cover the torched area with a glass and let it sit for a while. After a couple seconds, pick up the glass and pour in the pre-made Manhattan.

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