Three vegetable inspired cocktails to warm you up this fall season

Try this viral cocktail trend to welcome the new season.
September 21, 2022 11:34 a.m. EST
September 21, 2022 11:34 a.m. EST

Vegetable martinis have taken over the UK this summer, and we're bringing them into the fall season. Cocktail expert Evelyn Chick shares three unique cocktails that focus on ingredients that are better for your body, a bit lower in sugar, and all about seasonal veggies. 

Tomato tomato martini

This is your classic gin martini but with the luscious sweetness of kumato tomatoes

Oh snap sweet and savoury cocktail

This delightful and surprising savoury sweet martini is made with fresh snap peas and a hint of ginger - talk about putting health in a drink! Flavours of vegetal, savoury sweet goodness. 

Not a pumpkin spice latte 

Who needs a #PSL when this winter-ready, warm toddy-style cocktail can fill your pumpkin craving? Bursting with pleasant textures, flavours, and bitterness, this easy-peasy drink whips up in minutes. 

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