Beeswax old fashioned

By MasterChef Canada


  • 1-1/2 ounces beeswax infused bourbon
  • 1/2 ounce cognac
  • 1/2 ounce hibiscus honey syrup
  • 4 dashes ginger bitters
  • Honeycomb garnish
  • Dehydrated hibiscus


  1. Heat beeswax to 65°C.
  2. Transfer bourbon from bottle to a sterilized vessel. Hold the bottle on a 45° angle and slowly pour beeswax into the mouth of the empty bourbon bottle. Rotate the bottle while allowing beeswax to cover the inside walls of the bourbon bottle.
  3. Let the bottle sit until wax hardens to room temperature.  
  4. Return bourbon to the wax lined bottle and allow bourbon steep for 14 days before use.
  5. Fill a yarai with ice.
  6. Pour 1-1/2 ounces of beeswax infused bourbon, 1/2 ounce of cognac, 1/2 ounce of hibiscus honey syrup, and four dashes of ginger bitters.
  7. Stir for 15 to 20 seconds.
  8. Fill rocks glass with fresh ice and strain cocktail.
  9. Garnish with honeycomb and dehydrated hibiscus.

Recipes c/o Dave Osorio, The Minister Group

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