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16 eggnog desserts to sweeten the holiday season

Calling all eggnog lovers!
December 3, 2021 4:35 p.m. EST
December 3, 2021 4:35 p.m. EST

'Tis the season for all your favourite holiday flavours! Gingerbread and candy cane might dominate store aisles, but we're partial to putting eggnog into as many recipes as we can. Whether you love it or hate it, this rich and creamy beverage is here to stay!

The controversial drink is actually a super versatile ingredient that can be added to so many desserts to give them a kick of festive flavour. From bread pudding to cupcakes, we're sharing 16 incredibly easy and delicious desserts. Don't worry, we've added a few actual eggnog recipes as well to sweeten up your holiday season. 

Homemade eggnog

Shahir Massoud shared this delicious homemade eggnog recipe that will deliver the perfect drink every time. Made with brown sugar, vanilla bean paste, and nutmeg, this drink practically screams holiday season! 

No-churn eggnog ice cream

This no-churn eggnog ice cream is truly the easiest thing to make. Made with whipping cream and sugar, it will become your family's new holiday favourite.

Sticky toffee pudding

These luscious little cakes are all about the honeyed sweetness of plump dates and creamy caramel. A touch of corn syrup ensures that the caramel stays silky smooth, while a bit of vanilla in the cake complements its richness. Served with a homemade toffee sauce and eggnog ice cream, dessert can't get any better than this!

Eggnog french toast

This recipe gets double egg goodness with the egg bread and the eggnog, so it makes for a perfect holiday breakfast.

Vegan eggnog

This vegan eggnog will be ready in just 10 minutes!  The brandy is optional. 

Eggnog bread pudding

Regardless of where your family members fall on the eggnog spectrum, this easy-to-make bread pudding will please them all, and it tastes great for breakfast or dessert. 

Eggnog cupcakes

These holiday cupcakes are super low-effort and low-ingredient—aka the perfect dessert to whip up for a holiday dinner. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, your guests will eat these cute little cakes right up. 

Eggnog cheesecake brownie bites

These eggnog cheesecake brownies are guaranteed to make even the most strong-headed eggnog hater fall in love. Creamy eggnog cheesecake swirls into my favourite one-bowl brownies to create an unforgettable holiday dessert.

Holiday blended eggnog coffee

This eggnog latte blends the classic flavours of eggnog with coffee, a dash of cinnamon and a swirl of whipped cream. Try making this easy and festive holiday drink at home. You’ll love every sip!

Saskatoon berry and eggnog Monte Cristo

This epic triple-decker sandwich features Saskatoon berries, creamy eggnog and oven-roasted turkey. It's the ultimate post-holiday dinner meal, indulgent and delicious! 

Eggnog basque cheesecake

Even though it looks and sounds fancy, basque cheesecake is the easiest baked cheesecake out there. Rather than having you make a crust and carefully and slowly bake the cheesy custard in a finicky water bath, a basque cheesecake is purposely baked in a hot oven under direct heat with the whole goal being to burn the heck out of it. Thanks to the eggnog, spiced rum, and nutmeg, we can’t think of a more decadent and jaw-dropping wintery dessert! 

Gingerbread eggnog

Two festive flavours in one delicious drink! This eggnog is made with allspice, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, and you can add rum, if you'd like.

Spiced eggnog bread pudding

Perfect for holiday mornings, though really it’s equally at home on any brunch buffet, for afternoon tea, or to end the evening meal, this eggnog bread pudding will not take long to impress your family! Served with vanilla bean butter sauce, this dish will satisfy even the ultimate eggnog hater! 

Butternut squash eggnog pancakes

These hearty pancakes will satisfy your festive sweet tooth! Made with butternut squash puree, eggnog and topped with crushed nuts, whipped cream and maple syrup, they come out fluffy every single time. 

The great rum pumpkin patch

Featuring eggnog foam, orange juice maple syrup and pumpkin puree, these delicious cocktails aren't just for fall! Stay cozy inside and enjoy these by the fire, under the tree or at your family gathering. 

Eggnog Choquette wreath

This lovely Christmas wreath is so fun to serve around the holidays. Not only is it made of pâte à choux,  but it also features a deliciously whipped ganache! The whipped cream gives the ganache lightness, and the white chocolate adds stability and makes it easy to pipe. You can stick with the classic combination of eggnog and dark chocolate, or feel free to change the flavour of the whipped ganache to your taste—think peppermint, cranberry, gingerbread! 

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