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20 tasty gluten-free recipes that will please everybody

You don't need to compromise on texture or flavour with these dishes.
January 13, 2022 9:06 a.m. EST
January 13, 2022 9:06 a.m. EST

Whether you're avoiding gluten due to dietary restrictions or you're just looking to expand your recipe repertoire, we've got you covered. From breakfast right through to dessert, we've rounded up the tastiest gluten-free dishes for every time of day. 

Gluten-free bison burgers

Bison is a great local meat choice in Canada that is high in protein and lower in fat., but you can also substitute with beef. This burger is made with gluten-free buns and topped with fixings like avocado, tomato, lettuce and cheese. 


For those who are grain/gluten-free or celiac, the lack of stuffing options can be downright depressing. However, by employing gluten-free quinoa and bread this is not only a delicious stuffing to adorn your table, but one that everyone can enjoy.

Lemon pie chia pudding

This chia pudding tastes like eating pie filling for dessert! Full of creamy lemon flavour, this simple and quick no-bake recipe featuring a coconut whip is naturally vegan and gluten-free. 

Gluten-free garden bread

Delectably moist and healthy homemade bread, this gluten-free snack is made with basil, almonds, tomatoes and zucchini. Parents, it's also a good way to get your kids to eat their veggies!

Gluten-free Asian bowl

Add a twist to your standard lunch bowl with this quick and easy gluten-free mix! This recipe includes soba noodles, mixed vegetables, a tamari maple chicken breast and cashews. 

Caprese quinoa bake

A new and delicious way to incorporate 'superfoods' into your diet! Served with chicken and cheese, this gluten-free quinoa bake is great for the whole family. 

Gluten-free onion rings

Made with brown rice flour, purple onions and nutritional yeast, these perfectly crispy rings are great as a snack or a side to any meal. 

Primavera pizza with ramp pesto

This gluten-free friendly primavera pizza with buffalo mozzarella, morel mushrooms, fiddleheads served with a basil ramp pesto has freshness written all over it. The dough is made with millet flour, chickpea flour, arrowroot starch and xanthan gum for a base that is springy yet firm.

Carrot cake quinoa breakfast cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Yes please! These treats are gluten-free, vegan, and packed with protein thanks to nut butter and quinoa.

Quick and easy pasta salad

Whip up this easy pasta salad made with peas, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers and gluten-free pasta for a simple but flavourful side dish.

Maple Hasselback potatoes with pistachio parsley crumble

These mouthwatering maple-roasted Hasselback potatoes with pistachio parsley crumble are a wonderful side dish for any meal, with irresistible layers of deliciousness that will please both the eyes and the taste buds! It's gluten-free and vegan, making it ideal for people with dietary restrictions.

Butter lettuce tacos

This twist on the traditional taco night uses ground chicken and cauliflower rice. Use butter lettuce instead of tortillas to make this recipe gluten-free.

Portobello mushroom leek pizza

Bring back pizza nights with this no dough, gluten-free, veggie-packed portobello mushroom pizza. Unconventional and absolutely delicious. Cooked in 30 minutes, and gone in seconds!

Salmon and quinoa mason jar salad

Looking for healthy gluten-free, low-carb lunch ideas? Learn how to make this make-ahead delicious salmon mason jar salad that contains layers of colourful vegetables, heart-healthy salmon, and fibre-rich quinoa.

Banh-Mi lettuce cups

This twist on the crowd-favourite banh-mi sandwich delivers all of the classic flavours without the need for bread. With grilled pork, pickled vegetables, and the perfect mix of spices, this easy weeknight meal will become a staple in your home. 

Gluten-free roasted cherry tomato and pesto pasta

This gluten-free pasta features delicious flavours of roasted and juicy cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, and cheesy Parmigiano Reggiano. Made with your favourite gluten-free pasta (we like chickpea pasta for this particular dish!), this dish is hearty and comforting. 

Five-ingredient banana oat pancakes

Yes, it's true! You just need five basic ingredients for these easy banana oat pancakes! This nutritious breakfast is a delicious way to start your day made with just gluten-free oat flour, banana, egg, a touch of vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. 

Daal makhani

A mouthwatering and aromatic Indian dish, Daal Makhani is a thick, hearty lentil curry, made with brown lentils and red kidney beans in a creamy coconut and tomato sauce and seasoned with traditional Indian spices. This high-protein, gluten-free, meatless meal is a guaranteed winner! 

Gluten-free flax-seed wrap

This homemade wrap is the perfect replacement for sandwich bread and works well with almost any filling imaginable. Flaxseeds are an unparalleled source of lignans, which balance the hormones. They are also full of omega-3 essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals that support detox. Try it with sprouts and a pickled vegetable (ideally fermented) plus your choice of protein. 

Chicken potpie chowder with whole wheat pumpkin biscuits

This hearty chicken pot pie chowder is the perfect meal to make on those cold winter nights. Plus, step up your dipping game with these tasty and light pumpkin biscuits, made with pumpkin pie filling, and gluten-free whole wheat flour. 

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